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We have the origin in the motor sports.

The biggest attraction of the motor sports is "cool" things.
Of course, this "cool" is not only the appearance; the gesture to pursue all the limits may be said "cool".

Wind is strong in many race venues; the conditions are harsh for the tent.

Tent is “cool” means it has the features like “ease of set-up and removal”・” Compactness, convenience during transportation”・”durability”・”wind resistance”

We have a strong commitment to this "cool".
Our tent which has become a culture in motor sports, it has an active part in all the fields; it is our conviction to satisfy our customers.
We are delighted when the customer says “It was good to buy Shinano tent!”
We want our customers always to say that, so we not only concentrate on product but we devote to the communication with the customer.
Please expect more by all means from Shinano trading in the future!


- Features of the Shinano tent -
Many conventional one-touch tent makers give priority to ease of use・portability, where strength of the frame (skeleton) and that durability is sacrificed, so they have the image of being fragile.
However Shinano tent is designed with an emphasis on strength and durability so that it has an elegance to suit various scenarios.
- Support to imprint name, logo print -
We emphasize on design suitable for imprint name, also supportive of the logo print.Logo print is not just pasting a hard plate as a sign in to the tent; it requires special materials, working methods and know-how.
The usual sign board maker is helpless, our company uses our own know-how and procedures in-house, and we can meet the requirements of various designs.
- The main activity functions of Shinano tent -
○watching sports and games

Booth Item

- High characteristics of design -
If you are disappointed as you could not find color of your choice, please have a look once at our related products.
We stock a wide range of colors.
We do not just make tents, we can provide logo print and imprint name in our products.
We use our own know-how and procedures in-house, we can meet the requirements of various designs.
It is suitable for great PR in the events.
- High strength, convenience -
Taking advantage of technology that has been developed for the tent; we are making the high convenience products, which are robust and compact.
- The main activity functions -
○watching sports and games


Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in our products.
We are the direct manufacturers of the products with our domestic planning and design, without the involvement such as trading companies or factory at overseas collaboration.
Please contact us with the peace of mind and ask us to quote.

Contact us by phone.075-582-1712


Our site is opened !!
Our home page is renewed. Though it is still unfinished, we keep on updating it regularly.


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