Q:If you ask the logo print, imprint name how long does it take to delivery?
A : On average, we deliver in two weeks.However please note beforehand, number of the days of delivery may vary according to area of the receiver's address.
Q: Is there a limitation to the fonts used for imprint name ?
A: With regards to fonts, generally we can reproduce the fonts installed in the typical personal computer with Windows system.In addition, roughly we receive specified choice of font such as such angular Gothic round Gothic Ming-block from the customer or the font selection is left to our choice. Also some fonts may not be available as built-in in our PC, thank you for the understanding in advance.
Q: Which colors can we choose for the characters?
A: You can choose white, black, red, Kelly green, blue, royal blue, sax (light blue) yellow, silver, gold, F pink, orange such a total of 12 colors. If you wish to use any other color, please contact us.